X International Children’s Folklore Festival “Licider heart”, 15 – 19 August, 2018, Uzice, Zlatibor (SER), Visegrad (B&H)

X International Children’s Folklore Festival “Licider Heart” organized with the participation of 1,300 children from 13 countries in Uzice, Zlatibor (Serbia) and in Visegrad (B&H).

This year, the festival brought together a record number of children thanks to the good visibility and reputation of the festival in the world.

“Over the past 10 years, the Licider heart festival gathered over 8,000 children from 36 countries around the world and has become one of the prestigious festivals in the calendar of the events promoting children’s folklore creativity. In the cultural heritage of every nation, in which folklore takes an important place, it reminds us of our roots and is the basis for getting acquainted with different cultures, sharing experiences and building bridges of friendship and understanding, ” stated Ivana Cvetkovic.

The festival was organized in a period 15- 19 August, and in addition to the concerts held in Uzice, Visegrad and Zlatibor, folklore workshops, educational tribunes where young people were introduced to the folklore heritage of various countries, exhibitions of costumes of the participating countries and exhibition “Decade of Licider Heart “, a pottery workshop and presentation of traditional costumes and gastronomy of Western Serbia in the rural households in the village Zlakusa. In the humanitarian activity “Licider heart for children” money was raised for support to healthcare institution in Uzice.
The event is supported by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the European Union funded project: “Regional cooperation and networking in the field of agriculture, rural and economic development of cross-border area”.