Presented eleven producers from the cross-border regions of “Drina-Tara”, “Drina-Sava” and “Krsh” and organized press conference on results of the SWG EU funded project at the 13. Belgrade Fair of Food and Beverage, 21-24.11.2018, Belgrade, Serbia

This year Fair of Ethno Food and Beverage gathered 400 participants with more than 2.000 different traditional products from Serbia, Montenegro, B&H, Greece and Italy.

During the four days of the Fair producers from cross-border regions of “Drina-Tara”, “Drina-Sava” and “Krsh” present themselves at the branded SWG stand and had the opportunity to present their traditionally prepared products, such as jams, juices, brandies, cheese, dry meat, dairy products, honey, pumpkin products, flour, wine, brandy etc.

During the Fair, participants used the opportunity to meet new producers, representatives of the markets, exports, network with them and make possible business contacts. Some of the exhibitors submitted their products for the rating at the beginning of the Fair, and they received diplomas and special acknowledgments at the final day of the Fair

Participants of the Fair, who presented their products at the SWG stand were:

  • Agricultura household Budimirovic, Glusci, Sabac, Serbia – Goat cheese in oak barrel
  • Rural touristic household Gacica Magaza, Bogatic, Serbia – Fruit and vegetables products
  • Meat industry “Kosanovic” ltd, Martinci, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia – Dry meet products
  • Agricultural household Doskovic, Zvijezd, Prijepolje, Serbia – Goat cheese
  • Dairy “Nasa Zlatka” Kriva reka, Cajetina, Serbia – Cow cheese and kajmak
  • Agricultural household Macanovic, Glibaci, Pljevlja, Montenegro – Organic flour
  • Agricultural household Laketic, Kosanica, Pljevlja, Montenegro – Organic flour
  • Winery Dabovic, Niksic, Montenegro – Homemade wine
  • Herzeg house, Trebinje, B&H -Traditional products from Herzegovina
  • Company „Prirodno“, Ljeljenče, Bijeljina, B&H – Pumpkin products
  • Cooperatives “Uvac -Rudo“/ COD „Luna“, Rudo, B&H – Juices, jams, fruit sweet

Press conference of the results of the SWG project: “Regional cooperation and networking in the field of agriculture, rural and economic development of cross-border areas” funded by the EU was organized on 23rd November 2018 in the scope of the 13th fair of Ethno Food and Beverage. The focus of the conference was to presentation implementation of the ABD approach, realized activities and possible future steps.

Project Manager, Mr. Aleksandar Damnjanovic pointed out that 21 meetings were held in 7 cross-border regions, which gathered around 750

representatives of the public, civil and private sectors. Within support to regional events in this phase of the project 31 events were supported, with over 61.000 EUR of the direct support contracted, 6.000 participants/exhibitors and more than 200.000 visitors.

Conducted capacity building events, such as study tours, workshops and internal SWG staff were also presented to the visitors.

Ms. Svetlana Vukovic from COD Luna, Rudo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented her experience since her organization was grant beneficiary and organizer of several regional events supported by the SWG.

During the press conference short promo movie was presented, which was filmed in period from May to October 2018, and which included 10 out of 31 regional events supported in 2018.

The activity was organized by The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the project: “Regional cooperation and networking in the field of agriculture, rural and economic development of cross-border areas” funded by the EU

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