“Day of Mowing- Romanija 2017”, 8th July, 2017 in Sokolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The international tourism event “Day of Mowing – Romanija 2017”, which was organized by the Tourism Organization of Sokolac and held on the 8th July, 2017, gathered mowers from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina who showed their skills in this competition of grass mowing with handmade, on the plain which leans on Brezjak, a well-known Sokolac resort.

“Day of Mowing- Romanija 2017” is an international tourism event which represents Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) countryside tradition related to mowing mountain grass by hand and celebration of completion of this important seasonal work as a traditional economic- tourist event organized with the aim of valorization of ethnography of Romanija region.

The event dates back to 1975, with brief interruptions, when it was known as “UPI’s Days of Mowing”, that gathered mowers from the entire B&H. This event is being enriched every year. The disciplines are accompanied by the performances of cultural and artistic groups from this region.

The manifestation was supported by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the SWG GIZ project: “Strengthening regional capacities for rural development through integrated forest and water resources management in Southeast Europe (LEIWW)